Inspirational Drive From The 5 Year Old In Me

September 23, 2016

When I was 5 Years Old


Movies I love or anticipate the release of one inspires my creative juices. When I was 5 years old I was sitting in the movie theater with my mom, when I saw the opening scene of Star Wars: New Hope Ep.4 I was hooked. I couldn't wait to go home pickup a pencil, grab paper and start drawing! Stars Wars wasn't the only  I reminisce back in my adolescence days I would be in my room looking through my comic book collection losing track of time while feeding my creative juices inspiring me to draw hours on end. I would forget to eat because I was so into my drawing. My mother would love have practically place food in front of me.


The iconic opening scene





Here's an example of the 5 year old kid inside me in my later years. Back in 2012 after watching The Avengers, I was excited and inspired to work on an Avengers piece. I finished the line drawing, I was very happy with it and I was ready to start digital painting with Photoshop. As for the painting it didn't have the same natural feel the line drawing had, it wasn't loose, the colors and were flat and I did not like the background (if you can call it that). I never took the time to go back to fix these issues. Life got too busy.















In 2015 and Avengers 2: The Age of Ultron was going to be in theaters! I went online looking for pics, promos and trailers. This fed my eagerness to watch it and inspiration to create another painting. The 5 year old was back! I scrapped the idea of fixing issues I saw in the previous Avengers piece I did in 2012. Instead decided to start a new painting. I'm glad that I did! I couldn't work on this from hours on end. I just chipped away at it when i had free time and here is the final result!



The Hulk and Vision: The big guy and as you can see the Image of a new character in the background which would later be revealed in the film




Black Widow and Quicksilver: For Black Widow, this is my own suit design from with elements from the Iron Man films. Quicksilver was whatever I could find online




Captain America: Personal design




Hawkeye: Suit design was inspired by The Ultimate Avengers comic book




 Iron Man: Design was inspired by the films and The Ultimate Avengers comic book



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